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2014 Tax Refunds Will Not Be Delayed Until October 2015

This is the answer to a very frequently asked questions, “will there be a delay in getting federal tax refund in 2015?” 2014 Tax Return Delayed? Is the 2014/2015 tax refunds going to be delayed?

UPDATE 12/29/2014. The Tax Delay is over. The IRS have announced the official start to Tax Season 2015. Read more.

Today, we contacted the Internal Revenue Service and were informed explicitly that their was no chance of 2014 Tax Refunds being delayed until October 2015. Tax Delay 2015 Continue reading


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Tax Refunds Could be Delayed in 2015

Tax Refunds Could Be Delayed in 2015 Much Longer than in 2014.

Americans might have to wait longer than usual to receive their tax refunds in 2015.

The IRS is waiting for lawmakers to act on expired tax provisions called extenders. If Congress fails to resolve the issue by the end of November, that could delay the 2015 tax season — and therefore push back the date when refund checks start to get cut and sent out.

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